A small online page to keep your bookmarks
- Share you bookmarks with friends
- Have them always available at any device
- Very easy to use

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         This Website is Still Under Construction!
         Bellow you can find comments of our beta testers.

"I hate searching the web and not finding what you need, this website has a collection of useful links. However this site is still under construction"
Ano Sr. Software Engineer.


         This Website is Still Under Construction!
         The Website's administration panel is only available for beta testers

"In the past i used a popular search engine as startpage. Search engine's are not always displaying the same search results and very often you can not find the same links as in the past. With this website you can save your links and don't loose them any more"
Ano Internet User.


         This Website is Still Under Construction!

"Very often i need internet information very fast and i don't have access to my fast computer. When using my mobile device, i get diffent search results and is time consuming to find what you need. This website gives the ability to save your important links so they are fast accesable from anywere."
Ano Mobile User.

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